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Venues by CH&CO is the largest portfolio of unique and iconic venues in London. We partner with over 25 Venues and Livery Halls providing catering, event and sales expertise. We are a highly specialised, focused operation with our finger firmly on the pulse in London and beyond. The team are fully immersed in the trends, news and activity of this niche sector. This is the world we and our clients inhabit, and we know it inside out. We thrive on creating memorable experiences for clients and customers and instinctively know excellence. The team are connected through our passion, knowledge and expertise within the Venues sector.

Our Portfolio

We are incredibly proud of our Venues portfolio and are fortunate to represent and promote some of London’s finest Venues and Livery Halls. Our role is to continually look to improve our client’s financial position through innovation and immaculate service, whether that’s the food we serve, the events we run or the sales we deliver. The team understand the Venues sector implicitly and the unique pressures placed on our clients and we know the importance of representing a client’s membership and history whilst delivering commerciality through events. Our SEO, web and benchmarking strategy provides us with insight across the events sector allowing us to monitor and measure changes in customer behaviour which we share with our clients.

‘CH&CO did something for us the others have not, they became a partner! They listened and together, we convert many opportunities to sales, delivering quality catering, conferences and events.’

Our Unique Venues

Venues by CH&CO operates the largest portfolio of Venues and Livery Halls. Each of our Venues has its own unique personality which we celebrate as we continually look to improve our client’s financial position, whether that’s through the food we serve, the events we run or the sales we deliver. We understand the role great food can play in a successful event, whether it’s simply delivering menus that sustain throughout the day, creating interactive food concepts or fine dining at the highest standard, we’ve got you covered.

"Each Venue and Livery Hall has its own distinct, unique personality which we recognise and celebrate"
Introducing Eve Image

One of the many benefits of Venues by CH&CO is the invaluable contribution of our eve team who serve as an extension to the onsite sales and marketing team in our Venues. The benefits of eve are immense, and they have access to platforms that will help with providing a wider reaching sales focus through bookers and referrals. eve has access to an amazing network of industry experts, trends and insights that enhance the service and booking capabilities of the onsite teams. eve is a true driving force in new sales lead generation and provides our onsite teams with lots of new ideas and innovation. eve connects you to a world of iconic Venues an extraordinairy events and is exclusive to Venues by CH&CO. To learn more about how eve could help your Venue reach it’s potential or if you’re looking to book an event with us then let eve lead the way.

"Through eve we're better connected"