Hello, eve here… eve connects bookers to world of iconic venues, curating and creating extraordinary event experiences. eve is a full-service event sales platform and central team and represents our entire venues portfolio, exclusively catered by CH&CO. Functioning as the sales platform for our venues, eve is our ‘shop window’, with a sleek, high-performing website to boot.

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The eve team is well networked and our calendar of innovative and engaging events labelled eveolutions means we attract the right audiences to make lasting connections. Our SEO, web and benchmarking strategy provides us with insight across the events sector allowing us to monitor and measure changes in customer behaviour which we share with our clients.

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One of the many benefits of Venues by CH&CO is the invaluable contribution of our eve team who serve as an extended sales and marketing team for our venues. The opportunities that come from working with eve are immense, including; a wider reaching sales focus through introductions to new bookers and referrals, access to an amazing network of industry experts, trends and insights that enhance the service and booking capabilities of each of our venues, and promotion at trade shows and exhibitions.

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